Big Star Ranch - About Us

Martin Hutto and Eric Clutter

We started Big Star Ranch with the idea of a better way to enjoy horseback riding, barrel racing and pleasure riding.  It's easier said than done, "relax and enjoy your horse".  Sounds simple right?  That is the problem....people forget to slow down, breathe and enjoy your horse and the whole experience.  If you take some time, slow down and can HEAR and FEEL what your horse is trying to tell you.  We want each horse to find his forever home and see that smile on their new families face.   The goal is to have a well trained, competitive, healthy, fun horse as well as knowing how to ride and handle your horse.    And the overall horse experience should be a fun, exciting and a great experience for both you and the horse.....not a stressful one.  Having a horse is not just a thing that stands in your pasture, they are an added member to your family that you all can build a very strong bond and love with.


Big Star Ranch Family