Animal Element Products

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Animal Element products are designed to be used all together or separate. There are no interactions amongst these fine products. The BASIC is the Detox....start there and add to your feeding, exercise and performance program!

We know all these things can get confusing......give us a call and we will be happy to go over the products with you and which ones are the best fit for your horse and what their job in life is.

These products are all human grade and safe for human use as well for the same issues listed for equine (always check with your doctor before starting any new supplements).

We use these products as well !

Proud Dealer of Animal Element Products

Animal Elements Products

Equine Foundation Detox
(it all starts with the amazing detox, use every day)

Immune Key (drastically helps with the effects of this complicated Texas weather, great for stress from boarding facilities, training, travel and on the show road)

Product X Performace Enhancer
improve strength and delay muscle fatigue, support ligament, tendon and bone strength

In the Zone
to help horses stay focused and calm

(best complete gastro support around)

(for any horse, not just mares....with overall mood, attitude, behavior and production)

Acetyl L-Carnitine Known as ALCAR
(for EPM, central nervous system issues, tissues)

Cissus Quadrangularis 5%
for muscles, injuries, healthy bones and joints and overall recovery AND......for our smaller pets.

All Creatures Detox
(dogs, cats, etc)

We will happily get, keep and carry any other Animal Element Products you want or need.
Check out the Animal Element homepage ( for more info and all kinds of products that we can get for you.