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Breathing / Nebulizer Treatment

Why Equi-Rep?

Easier Breathing Means Better Performance Improve Your Performance With Respiratory Therapy

Equi-Rep - TreatmentsWhen you compete or travel with your horse, it's only a matter of time before your horse gets a respiratory infection. Your horse's breathing due to Allergies, Bleeders, COPD, or Heaves all present problems with your horse's performance.

For a winning advantage, it is easy to use respiratory treatments and immediate relief from respiratory problems with Equi-Resp.

Equi-Rep - TreatmentsEqui-Rep with Equi-Silver is a proven treatment we offer to help with all the above issues with a 100% natural product. This treatment has helped allergies and other types of respiratory issues to provide these treatments at home or on the road, for a fraction of the cost of costly drug treatments.

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