Horse Riding Lessons

What about the kids, would they like some basic horseback riding lessons? Martin does an amazing job with allowing kids to open up and trust their horse, find their confidence and ride with their true ability and ease.

Need help finding a good match for you to enjoy for years to come? We will search high and low, train them, whatever is needed to help you find the right fit and perfect horse.

Look for a horse that you're comfortable with.....not just for looks.

Don't buy the first horse you see. Take some time and listen to the horses you look at.

Riding Lessons - Prices

Basic Riding Lessons, Pleasure / Western / English

These lessons are to build your or your kids confidence in the basics of riding and handling. All riders are evaluated first to see where your current level of skill, ability and understanding is at. DON'T WORRY......we adapt and help you get from start to finish whether you know how to even get on a horse or are a pro in need of some refresher or handling advice. These lessons have basic knowledge and instruction, how-to sessions, what terms mean and are always about learning AND having fun with it.

One Hour Riding Session


These sessions include lesson time on one of our horses or yours.

Big Star Ranch Family

Horses for Sale

This always depends on what the season is, what we currently are working with and have that is ready.  We don't keep a lot of horses.....we would rather keep a smaller number to allow us time to properly train them, get to know them and allow us to match what type of person they would fit with....whether pleasure or professional skill levels.  BUT, we also love to help people find their new best friend.  Give us a call and let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to assist and find a great friend for you.

Horses on Consignment with Big Star Ranch

(Us selling your horse for you.)

Sometimes things don't work out or you are ready to step up to something else....maybe faster, more advanced or what have you.  Or maybe you just need to sell your horse.  Whatever the reason, we can help.  All we ask is that you are 100% honest with us from the start.  We will need to know everything in order to find him/her a good home and get you the price you need.  Our main goal is always a good and safe home for any horse we deal with, ever.