Magna Wave (Pulsed Electro-magnetic Frequency) Therapy

Magna Wave PEMF Therapy

Putting it simply, Magna Wave PEMF (Pulsed Electro-magnetic Frequency), is a "massage for your cell membranes." Preserving and restoring the membrane with this energy can make way for a damaged cell to divert its precious energy resources to heal rather than simply stay alive. Additionally, it induces the growth of new blood vessels by stimulating your vascular endothelial cells (vessel inner lining) to release growth factors. This may be one of its mechanisms in its fostering repair of complex fractures (and in healing other tissues). Dr. Rowen, Second Opinion

Increasing the oxygen all the way down to the cells is what drastically reduces pain, swelling, inflammation, stiffness and many other issues.  Once we open up the cells and let them all work, exchange, rebuild, repair and rebirth properly, we see the drastic healing and changes.

The amazing Magna Wave works on so many different levels by working from the inside out.  The waves go all the way down to where they need to be, not just on the skin surface or an inch down…..these waves go all the way down to the cells!  If we open up the cells; that in turn opens up the healing process, relieves stress, tension, soreness and many other issues.

The Magna Wave is a safe and very powerful therapy for our horses, dogs, other animals and even US…. that's right, humans!

The Magna Wave is NOT a tens type unit and it is not a specific massaging device.  It is PEMF Therapy device.  The end results do give us that amazing feeling of having a massage though.  The unit delivers pulsed waves that are a magnetic energy, NOT electrical energy thereby going through us….not just on the surface with NO sticky electrodes to place on.

The Magna Wave is used in equine therapy for soreness, pain, injury recovery, wounds, joint/tendon issues, hock and stifle issues, hoof abscess, and the list goes on and on.  Pre or post work-out/event.

Help your horses, dogs, other animals… as well as yourself feel better from the inside out!

Standard Equine Session:



Small Animal (dogs, etc) Session:



Human Session:


Barn/Group/Club discounts available…….the more scheduled, the less the cost!

Regulars receive a discount and even discounts with our other services offered such as the Equi-Resp Breathing Therapy, Vetrolaser Therapy or riding / barrel lessons!